Eyebrow Lift for Male to Female

Difference between Male and Female Eyebrow

Eyebrows in females tend to appear higher as compared to those in males. Largely this is due to some reasons:

  1. Males have overall thick eyebrows while females have thinner eyebrows, so being thinner, eyebrows appears to be at a higher level in females.
  2. Males have thick supra-orbital ridge which extends from upper margin of bony eye socket till a certain extent on forehead, hence eyebrows sitting on ridge, appear lower. In females there is no ridge, and eyebrows appear to lie above the rim.
  3. Women have a larger gap between eye and eyebrow (thinner eyebrows may be the reason) and overall eyebrows appear higher.
  4. Women have larger eyes than males, which gives them more ‘open expression’.


Various options for eyebrow feminization:

    1. Plucking / laser hair reshaping: The least invasive and least traumatic way is to make the eyebrow thinner. Removing the lower half of eyebrows either by repeated plucking or laser hair removal leads to eyebrow lift. Eyebrows often don’t grow back after plucking / lasering them few times.
    2. Forehead feminization surgery involving correction of rim and positioning the tissues a little higher gives a gentle feminine effect.
    3. Botulinum toxin (Botox) with accurate knowledge of anatomy the botox can be used to raise the eyebrow, though it needs repetition.
    4. Coronal Browlift (Forehead lift): This is a surgical procedure involving long incision across the vertex of head from ear to ear. A portion of skin in front of incision is removed to raise the level of brows as desired. The scar is invisible. The advantage is that along with brow lift the frown can also be corrected leading to forehead rejuvenation. Minor disadvantage is that this may lead to raising the hairline, especially in those who already have wide forehead.
      If we want to avoid raising the hairline then incision may be put just along the hairline. The disadvantage is that it leaves a fine scar along the hairline; this scar line though can be camouflaged with hair transplant.


    1. Endoscopic brow lift: Through 3 to 5 small incisions made in the scalp (behind hairline) soft tissues are lifted away from the bone. Threads/endotines are used to pull up the brows and tucked in position. This technique has limitations and achieves only a subtle brow lift.


    1. Lateral (temporal) brow lift: Incision is made at the temple below the hairline. A small portion of skin is removed and the internal threads are used to keep the brows elevated in upward and outward position. The scar is invisible.


    1. Internal Brow lift (Trans blepharoplasty Brow lift): Performed at the time of upper blepharoplasty (to remove extra skin of upper lid), the brow is elevated and tucked in a new higher position. New position is maintained either with stitches or with endotines. This leads to subtle lift in eyebrows.


    1. Direct Brow lift: This involves removing a small strip of skin just above the brow (at the upper margin of brow) and the gap is closed, leading to lifting the eyebrow. This may leave a fine linear scar over the top of eyebrow.


  1. The more common and predictable method is reshaping the eyebrows with hair transplant just above the eyebrow (thus recreating a higher eyebrow). Along with this lower part of eyebrow may need to be removed either with lasers or with repeated plucking. This is simplest and least invasive method. You will need to make the eyebrows at regular intervals as the transplanted hairs tend to grow longer and faster depending on the donor site used.

Duration of Procedure: 30 minutes to 1 hour

Anesthesia: General / Local

Recovery Time: Immediate. Mild swelling may persist for few days.

Longevity of Results: Usually permanent


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